We are an "Eco-Friendly" Clothing, Accessories and Novelty Items Company. Based out of New Braunfels, Texas; we came up with this idea one night on full moon. It was a beautiful Hill Country night. The stars were shinning, we were partying and bouncing ideas off of each other..

Our talk turned to medicinal marijuana and  "they needed a doobie a day just to keep the doctor away".  The more we verbalized the saying, the word "doobaday" was born. We trademarked the word and started a shirt company. Who knows, one day "doobaday" may make the dictionary!


We strive very hard to make a good, quality product. Yes we could buy "cheaper" t-shirts, but then our customers would end up with an inferior product. 

Company Moto:  Keepin' it Green


SmokeyD: "If our shirts make you smile (or laugh), then they are doing their job!"